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Southwestern Brined Pork Tenderloin with Black Beans and Herbed Rice

Southwestern Brined Pork Tenderloin with Black Beans and Herbed Rice

My roommate bought a pork tenderloin from Sprouts.


Let me just say that I LOVE Sprouts. Their selection of beautifully fresh produce and meats is simply amazing without a super high price point. As long as you have the seasonings in your cabinet, you could easily prepare this meal and feed a few people for $20.

Ok, now back to the food…

I’ve not played around with pork loins too often because they can get super dry and feel like a complete waste. Since I’ve made a habit of brining my pork and chicken, I set out to find a recipe that would satisfy both flavor and juiciness.

I found a recipe for a southwestern pork loin brine, which led to me finding a recipe for a delicious spice rub to compliment the internal flavors given by the brine. I doubled both recipes because the loin was nearly 5 pound and I wanted to make sure I have plenty of everything to go around.

To keep the theme going, I knew that I wanted to make some black beans. I’d bought some from Sprouts a few weeks ago but hadn’t decided what to do with them. I’ve never cooked black beans before so I was a bit nervous but everything turned out great. You can find the recipe I referenced right here. I had to leave out the sherry vinegar and olives because I’d forgotten to buy them, but I did add 3 strips of bacon during the simmer period to add an extra smokiness.

I’d HIGHLY advise getting your black bean prep done while getting your pork brine ready. I wasn’t able to get a full 24 hours of brine time, but I was at least able to get straight to cooking without extra prep work that next day.

As for the herbed rice, I always add fresh thyme leaves, salt, pepper, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to my rice. This time was no exception—except that I added the juice of half a lime just for pizazz. I also made a quick pan sauce on the fly with some white wine, butter, and lime juice because I just couldn’t stand having those beautiful bits of flavor go to waste in my cast iron skillet. The sauce wasn’t NECESSARY, but it was a happy addition.

I HIGHLY recommend giving these recipes a try! You’ll definitely have to be patient when it comes to the brine, and the cook time on the black beans, but it’s AAAAAAALL worth it!

You can check out my quick YouTube video on the whole process right here.

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